About Palefish

I started this Blog a few years ago, when I was cycling with a new club, and fighting the ever increasing middle age spread!
Quite a lot has changed since then.
The Palefish story has expanded and then retracted in the space of  a couple of years.
The Cycle club grew so fast, as did the Facebook page, that before I knew it a monster had been created. The club became a little unwieldy and started to fracture. I took the decision to disband the club and save the Palefish name before the whole thing imploded. This was not a very popular decision with a lot of the members, but in hindsight, and looking at the many groups who still ride together, I think it was for the best.
Where did this leave me? I have reduced my cycling to a minimum, if I being truthful it is almost non existent at the moment, but one thing hasn't changed, the middle age spread is doing what it always intended to do!

Anyway, I have decided to use this format to share updates on family adventures, and videos from my You Tube channels. Skateboarding has been reintroduced into my life by my boys, and we hope to have a go at surfing, stand up paddle boarding and snowboarding in the future.
As a family we have purchased an old 1983 Volkswagen LT31 Camper van. We (Claire) are currently restoring it and hope to have it up and running for the summer.

So, There will be less cycling, a bit more skateboarding, maybe some weight loss tracking (again) and some family trips in the van to report on.
I will leave the original "About" info below, as I think it shows where this all came from in the beginning.


In this Blog I will try to capture my experiences from cycling related events and regular rides with friends.
I have always been a  keen cyclist, sometimes more keen than others, and after a few years dabbling in road cycling on my own or with a couple of friends, in 2011 I decided to get serious.
I have been regularly riding with a group from a local bike shop and I also try to get out in the week in the evenings to keep the legs spinning. I am also planning to enter a few Sportive rides through the year.

One of the reasons I took up cycling is to help with my battle against the bulge! I gave up smoking in 2006 and piled on the weight. I have tried many diets but there is no substitute to a healthy balance of exercise and 5 a day. I have decided to share my weight loss journey on the Blog in the Diary pages, hoping it will motivate me each week, I'm sure time will tell how good my will power is!

If you were wondering where the name Palefish came from, it was going to be the name of a bike shop that I was once dreaming of owning with a friend. My surname is White and his is Herring, and Palefish was born!

Please spare a thought for my wife, and kids who have to put up with this obsession and lost hours to the Bike and the Blog.