Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hills with the Mamils.

I wont say it is easy, but I am coping better with the hills. It's true what every teacher or parent says, " you wont get better unless you try!" It seems to be working. I am thinking of entering the Etape Cymru, which is a closed road 100 mile sportive on the 9th October with 6000 feet of climbing!!! More training required I think! I have a night off tomorrow, Claire is out, so back in the saddle on Friday for a warm up before the Team Vita ride on Saturday morning.
Details of tonight's ride:
Cheers to Ade, Shaun, Owen and Andy for a great ride.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

First Ride with Lights This year!

It's not even September yet, but tonight I needed to put the lights on the bike. I don't suppose the threatening clouds helped!
I only did a short loop tonight, getting some miles in my legs after a couple of days away with the family, and before tomorrow nights Hill session with the Mamils.
The Team Vita coach is back from a cycling holiday in Greece, so I am expecting a hard training session on Saturday.
Anyway, here are the details of tonight's ride: which was the first dry ride I've had for a week!!
Time to dig out the cold weather clothes too, 4 degrees colder this week!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Less Monsoonal Team Vita ride.

The Sky didn't look too good this morning, and by the time I'd got to Paul's the rain had started, thanks for the shelter in the garage mate! It looked like it would be just the two of us, but in the end, and after a wait for the rain to ease, 5 of us headed out. The rain held off, but the standing water had the same effect except with the water coming up instead of down!! I think I may invest in a wetsuit and Flippers for future rides!
We did the same loop as Thursday, keeping to the wider, less slippery main roads.
We got back to the shop for a well earned coffee without incident!
Next week the coach is back, so the gas will be turned up!!
Details of the ride: ( I think I need a battery in my heart rate monitor, 199bpm before I got on the bike!!)

One of the lads who has been riding with us, Steve Partridge, is doing Lands end to John O'Groats, Starting next Sunday. For details of their trip, and an opportunity to sponsor them please check out their Blog:
Good luck Steve!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Monsoon Ride with Team Vita

Thursday nights are Team Vita nights. When I wheeled the bike out of the shed, I looked to the sky and saw the black clouds. First thoughts were to put the bike away and have some tea, but seeing as the coach is on holiday, it falls to me to lead the rides. I got to the shop and Ade from the Wirral Mamils was waiting with a couple of the Vita lads. We decided that we would press on despite the ominous skies. So 6 optimistic cyclists set off. The first 6 miles were great, then the rain came. It was so bad the group got split up, leaving me and Sean wondering where the others had gone. A little further on Andy came the other way and joined us, saying he'd got split from the others.
All was well in the end, Back at the shop I discovered we were only a couple of minutes behind the others, except for Ade who had come back to look for me and Sean and had his first puncture for 1400 miles!!
Now I need to clean the bike and re lube the chain and cables.
Ride details here:

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hill Training with the Mamils

Tonight I plucked up the courage to Join the Wirral Mamils and ride Mr Fagan's infamous spaghetti loops. I was pleasantly surprised with my performance, no way as quick as the rest up the climbs but not too far off. I could tell that all the training is paying off. Just need to work on the extra pounds, it's all about the power to weight ratio, unfortunately I have too much weight and not enough power!! The weight does help down hill though, gravity works!!
It was great to catch up with the Mamil lads again, check out their blog here:
Details of tonight's ride:
I have signed up to do the British Heart foundations Night Ride from Manchester to Blackpool. This will be a different kind of challenge to a normal sportive, it is only 60 miles but we don't start until 2am, and then ride through till sunrise. Details are on the British Heart Foundation web site.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Leg stretch loops

The day after my first 100+ mile ride, and following 7 hours driving a desk, I needed to get out tonight and stretch my legs. What started off as an easy spin, turned in to a few loops over the hill in West Kirby and then up to Heswall via Thurstaston. A nice warm evening, and no wasp sting tonight!!
I cant believe how comfortable the Kuota felt after a long day in the saddle yesterday. It is definately worth spending more to get the right size bike, fitted, and good quality shorts. Not cheap, but well worth it, honestly!!!
Details here..

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Steve Cummings Sportive 2011

What a day! I left home at 6.30 to meet up with some of the team at the shop. we then rode out to Ness Gardens to sign on and get going. Things didn't quite go to plan! we got to Ness and the gates were locked and we couldn't get in! eventually the security guy opened the gates and after a little frantic sorting, people started off on the ride. We left in a big group at about 8.40. The route was great, and the weather kind. We only had one puncture all day, on the way out to Delamere, where there was a great feed stop with gels, bananas and water, and even a box of biscuits!! We then carried on round Cheshire and headed back to Wirral, with the help of another wasp sting, and the shop for the next stop. By the time we got to Vita Cycles, I was done in! But with some great encouragement from the guys, (especially Stan! cheers mate) we set off again. Then the rain started, all along Hoylake front, but strangely it gave me a bit of a second wind. My commitment was tested when we cycled down pump lane, 1/2 a mile from home, but I carried on to the finish. We were welcomed by more bananas, water and a BBQ. All that was left was the 8 mile ride home. Total miles, 106.26
It was a great day, well organised and attended. Bring on next year.

Here are the details,

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Team Vita Pre Sportive Warm up

Today's ride, from Vita Cycles in Irby, with 10 of the Team was a warm up for tomorrows Sportive. We rolled out through Greasby and then round the coast and back to the shop via Thornton.Garmin Connect - Details The weather was great, for a change, the pace was steady, even though Dave the coach was not there!

Everything was great until I got stung on the neck by a wasp! Millions of years of evolution and insects still cant tell that I'm not a flower!!!
Now time to carb load ready for tomorrow! good excuse to eat loads of Chicken and Pasta.
There is still time to sponsor us at

Friday, 19 August 2011

Post Work Quick Leg Stretch

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control (4 and 6 year old and a Lego pirate ship!) I didn't make the Vita Training ride last night. To make matters worse, We went out to see Claire's dad, stopped for an Ice cream "for the kids"!! and the Club ride rolled past, oh the shame!!!
Any way, to make up I went out for a quick spin as soon as I got in from work today,Garmin Connect - Details
Tomorrows Team Vita ride is being led by me tomorrow, no pressure then!!! It will be an easy pre sportive warm up ride for a couple of hours, maybe see you there?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Chasing the Sun

Only a quick spin tonight, didn't leave till 8.20pm. I forgot to put my lights on so the pace was quick to get back before it got too dark. The loop included a short stop at Claire's Nan's with a bag of veg from the allotment. I'll use any excuse to get out on the bike!!!!
Day off tomorrow, so I am hoping to make the Team Vita coached session. It leaves the shop, in Irby, at 6.30pm.
Only 3 days to go to the Sportive. I cant wait!!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sponsor riders at the Steve Cummings Sportive

If you cant make the ride on Sunday, but want to support the great Charity we are riding for, why not sponsor us here Thanks in advance!

Loop with Paul

What a difference a day makes. Great dry, windless 22 mile spin tonight with Paul. Sometimes I forget how lucky we re to live where we do. Great quiet country lanes, some challenging climbs, and great descent's. Nice pace tonight, feeling a bit more comfortable with the prospect of Sundays Steve Cummings Challenge Sportive, still need some miles in the legs before then though. I haven't mentioned the Bike so far in any posts, a 2010 Kuota Kebel, from Vita cycles. So far, in the 8 weeks I've had the bike, there have been no Problems, in fact it has been fantastic. The fitting service from the shop was spot on, the tweaks to the position have made a huge difference to my riding. I recommend going for a fitting check, it works. 
Here are the details of tonight's ride Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, 15 August 2011

Rain doesn't stop play!

Well, Holidays over, back to work for a rest, Refereeing the kids is a good workout in its self! not much riding done on Anglesey, so back to it tonight, except the weather had different ideas! Sunny all day, then as I rolled the bike out of the shed, RAIN!! Oh well, skins waterprof!!! so a quick 10 miler, Garmin Connect - Details to get the legs back in, planning a longer ride tomorrow, working up to the Steve Cummings challenge Sportive on Sunday, Still time to sign up on line, or on the day, looks like it will be well supported, and The weather should be better, fingers crossed.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Out to Vita Cycles and back

Due to not getting back from the Airport until late, I missed the Team Ride today.
So I had a quick Spin to Vita Garmin Connect - Details to discus details of the Sportive, before going back to Anglesey to finish the family holiday.
I have no internet access there so I will update in a week.

Friday, 5 August 2011

First past the post

I'm not sure what will become of this blog, or what direction it will go in? I hope to capture all the exploits of the new Vita Cycles Team, the training, bikes, kit, Sportives and races, and also my personal challenge of loosing the extra pounds, and raising my overall fitness level.
So here goes, buckle up it could be a bumpy road.
There is a team training ride tomorrow at 9.30 from Vita Cycles in Irby.
The next update will be after the ride.
Its also not too late to sign up for the Steve Cummings Challenge on 21st August.
for details